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Esther Buckareff | Documentary Media Filmmaker

Completed projects, works-in-progress, pics, vids and research notes

Work in Progress


The Artistic Process (Israel Project)

This is the journey before it begins. A space of documented images and experiences that enlighten, inform, and inspire a methodology that builds by deconstructing.

These are the thoughts that guide me to that place you’ll ask me about. Fragments lived and realized in moments permanently secured. The who, the what, the why, the when, and the how. Background. History. Research.  If you doubt, you can sift through it all. Yourself.


Notes Index

  • Gas Protest - Tel Aviv, November 7, 2015

    Gas Protest - Tel Aviv, November 7, 2015

    AUDIO (English)  In this audio file, a protester explains to me why Israelis are against the gas deal. He begins by mentioning that ...
  • Awakening


    Israel has been overrun by rats. The digging of tunnels for the train expansion project ...
  • Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden

       Art Credit: Matan Ben Tolila's exhibition, The Young Mariner, at Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, ...
  • Arm Me

    Arm Me

    Teens are enlisted into the army at 18. Three weeks after graduating highschool a person begins ...
  • Who's Your Lawyer?

    Who's Your Lawyer?

    A woman is pulling into a parking lot and a group of women stand around ...
  • Powerless


    Not knowing has a lot of power. Once you know, you can't go back. - ...
  • Power


    You cannot just walk in and request that your power be turned off. - Shmuel Shatz, Internal ...
  • ID


    It is important to note, however, that although religion was usually used to identify Jews, ...
  • שירותי-סיכה-ורחיצה


    July 9, 2015. I pull into a gas station outside Ramla that offers a free car wash with fill ...
  • Circles are Squares

    Circles are Squares

    It's madness. It's crazy. I don't understand it. They've got it all wrong.    
  • Interesting Spaces

    Interesting Spaces

    Sometimes, the foggy places are quite interesting.   - Hagit Kazinitz, solo exhibit opening, July 15, 2015Kazinitz' body ...
  • Ninety Percent

    Ninety Percent

    Thirteen families own and/or manage ninety percent of all the land in Israel. This statistic ...
  • Pareidolia


    In our society, especially here in this area, many men don't let their wives go ...
  • Beyond Redemption

    Beyond Redemption

    It doesn't matter what religion you are or what society says. First and foremost you ...
  • Cops for Hire

    Cops for Hire

    Israel's local police do not enforce the law. Criminals pay police to protect them from a terrorized public. ...
  • White Space

    White Space

    the limitless pleasure and Divine experience that we were created to experience, is only revealed ...
  • Fear and Love

    Fear and Love

     ...just as a bird cannot fly with one wing, for fear and love are the ...
  • Let it be

    Let it be

    July 22, 2015. I'm the only guest at a beach side bar located on the north western ...
  • The Dancing Machine

    The Dancing Machine

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  The Dancing Machine at Eretz ...
  • Sabra


    Sabra (Hebrew: צבר‎, pronounced tzabar) is an informal slang term that refers to Israeli Jews ...
  • Triggered to Action

    Triggered to Action

    (photo: Market in Ramla) The Big Brother Show is a big deal here. Everybody watches it. ...
  • Garbage Dump

    Garbage Dump

    Countries on the Mediterranean who dump garbage into the sea cause trauma and death to sea life. Plastic ...
  • Public Shaming

    Public Shaming

    July 8th, 2015.  I am given a private tour of the Sammy Ofer School for Communications at IDC, Herzliya ...
  • Feminism and Sexuality

    Feminism and Sexuality

    Yayoi Kusama, born Japan 1929, active USA and JapanUntitled (Ironing Board)Stuffed fabric, steam iron, ironing ...
  • Cave Man

    Cave Man

    Photos: Caves from Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park On April 22nd, 2015, I embarked on a mission in ...
  • Kindness


    An email to my sister | June 10, 2015 at 2:17pmI was just shown the most ...
  • Basketball


    On June 3rd, 2015, I scored three tickets from a friend to attend a Maccabi Tel Aviv ...
  • Happiness


    So these are my favourite shorts. I bought them for ten shekels (about $3 CDN) ...
  • 2nd Floor Apartment

    2nd Floor Apartment

    On April 16th, 2015, at about 12am I watched, from my second floor apartment in ...
  • Religion is Dead.

    Religion is Dead.

    "The Idol" by Adi Nachson | For more info, see press release here Religion is dead. Just ...
  • Who is a Jew?

    Who is a Jew?

    Doris Arkin, Anamnesisa2013, iron, iron wire, concrete, plaster, thread, dia. 220Basis and (Super-) Structure, June 20, ...
  • Invisible


    What you see: A long trail of people carrying a sheet of reflective foil paper, ...
  • 7th Floor

    7th Floor

    Graffiti exhibit by 100 artists on the 7th floor of Tel Aviv's central bus station ...
  • The Artistic Process (Israel Project)

    The Artistic Process (Israel Project)

    This is the journey before it begins. A space of documented images and experiences that enlighten, inform, and inspire a ...
  • Trust (Addendum)

    Trust (Addendum)

    Prior to being interviewed, witnesses often ask me why I chose to document the topic.  If my experience ...
  • Photos from Installation - Sex Worker, Truth & Archetype

    Photos from Installation - Sex Worker, Truth & Archetype

    Photos from Sex Worker, Truth & Archetype - October 4-23rd, 2014 gallery installation during Scotiabank Nuit ...
  • Selling Sex (research)

    Selling Sex (research)

    A compilation of stories by sex workers, Selling Sex is an enlightening read that provides ...
  • Buying Sex (research)

    Buying Sex (research)

    The NFB documentary, 'Buying Sex' examines different perspectives on the perception and legality of sex ...
  • Documenting The Issues - Sex Workers Day of Action (video)

    Documenting The Issues - Sex Workers Day of Action (video)

    To better understand the perspective of witness testimonies for the Odalisque project, I attended National ...
  • In-Production Vid

    In-Production Vid

    Odalisque - in production vid - clips of raw footage taken to give sex workers ...
  • Odalisque - photo/film shoot

    Odalisque - photo/film shoot

    A few pics from 'behind-the-scenes' during a film/photo shoot for the Odalisque, As Archetype documentary ...
  • Production of 'Nowhere Man' in Cuba

    Production of 'Nowhere Man' in Cuba

    Behind-the-scenes during the filming of the documentary short, Nowhere Man. ...

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