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What you see: A long trail of people carrying a sheet of reflective foil paper, which reflects an image of you but hides the people behind it.

These are the ‘invisible’ workers that move to Israel to work in areas where Israel requires labour. These workers cannot apply for citizenship and there is a separate set of rules or guidelines that restricts their human rights. While they are an integral part of Israeli society, they are invisible. For example, when Israel needed workers to assist its growing elderly population, it tapped a labour force of young women in the Philippines. A bureaucrat obsessed with cross-pollination created a rule that forbids these young women (who are child bearing age) from getting pregnant. The regulation is vigorously enforced. If a woman gets pregnant, she cannot remain and work in Israel. Many women are separated from their children because they are forced to send their child away if they wish to remain in Israel and work.

(The installation was viewed during White Nights, 2015, Tel Aviv)