Ninety Percent

Ninety Percent

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Thirteen families own and/or manage ninety percent of all the land in Israel. This statistic effects every aspect of an Israeli’s life – from politics, religion, health, education and war, to jobs, housing and the cost of living. 

For example, dairy products is a big issue. Families with young children struggle to buy milk.  One of these ruling families had a monopoly on diary products for a very long time, causing prices to be unreasonably high. Recently, a second company entered the market (very small in size relative to its predecessor). This helped push prices down a little bit, but not enough. The threshold to enter the dairy industry is very high because a farmer requires land, and land is not available.

– In conversation with an Israeli psychiatrist and his Austrian wife (August 1, 2015)

Photo: Infill at The Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha at Beit Berl College graduate exhibition, July 30, 2015



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