Who’s Your Lawyer?

Who’s Your Lawyer?

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A woman is pulling into a parking lot and a group of women stand around chatting in the only empty spot in the lot. The driver gently taps her horn to encourage the group of women to shift a few feet over so she could park her car. Instead, the women approach the vehicle, open the door, grab the driver by her hair, pull her out of the driver’s seat onto the pavement, and proceed to punch and kick the driver black and blue. The driver reports the incident to police. Several months later, when she follows up with her complaint, she is told the investigation is closed because “it is not in the public’s best interest.”


A five-foot-two seventy-five year old man exits a residential complex at midnight to get some air. He is approached by three tall, muscular men. One of the men has been parking his vehicle in the old man’s parking spot and was warned several times by the old man to stop. The three men corner the old man and verbally threaten him. Shaken, the old man escapes into the building and phones the police. Despite the old man’s ability to easily identify one of the three men, the police tell the old man there’s “nothing they can do”.