76 Richmond

76 Richmond

The emphasis in this project was the production and presentation of video and image content. Commercial spaces for lease were presented by the land owner who wanted to film a realistic walk-through of each available space, as though he were showing the space to a client. The intended outcome was to give a potential tenant a personal introduction to the space through an engaging ‘virtual reality’ type of ‘meet and greet’  (vs. the standard QT virtual tours that do not include the presence of an actual person speaking or interacting with the space or the viewer). Three vignettes for three different spaces were filmed/edited and organized with the video transcripts and corresponding images into a WordPress site. The design template was purchased and mildly customized with one or two plugins. The vignettes were used on the host website, as well as separately for external presentations and on other websites.

Total production hours (3 vignettes plus website): 120 hours


Wordpress websites are an efficient way for individuals and organizations to approach content-rich websites without investing heavily into design and programming. It is a web-based application that was developed by a worldwide community of programmers who contributed their time for free to build it. The application is the infrastructure for a website (a blank slate), which includes a front-end website (what the public sees) and a password protected database-driven back-end (for the site owner to upload and update content). Wordpress uses common web-based programming languages such as HTML, XML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Ajax, Flash, and so on, and it uses a MySQL database. While specialized programming and design/developer assistance may still be required (and most often is), the cost of programming is much less than building a comparable website from scratch. To use Wordpress, the client's web server must have the Wordpress application installed (in a shared hosting environment, this would require the web host to have Wordpress installed on its server ). Plugins are 'capsules' of specialized code that address a specific function (calendar, gallery, etc.). The plugins are either purchased, licensed, or available for free. 'Shortcodes' are little code bits that are often used to implement formatting and incorporate plugins into the content. While design templates and plugins often cost money to purchase and customize, Wordpress is open source and license free for anyone to use.

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