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Powerful As God, The Children’s Aid Societies of Ontario | Film, 75min, Voices Silenced by Fear | website
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The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) declined multiple invitations to participate. Dozens of written requests and phone calls were made to approximately 18-20 workers and decision-makers at the CAS, as well as affiliated government agencies, including the Ministry of Children and Youth. Often times, interview requests were met with sarcasm and/or commitments to meet were cancelled at the last minute.  After the work launched, The Children’s Aid Society formally complained to the University to have the work shut down. (An internal email was also leaked by a CAS employee and published on the documentary website). The CAS claimed that the documentary was false and that they were never invited to contribute. Noting that the Ethics Review Board had provided oversight for the work, the university Deans voted against all of CAS’ demands.  The VP of Human Resources from the Toronto Catholic Children’s Aid Society wrote on the documentary’s blog,

If CAS is that powerful then I have to commend you in not being afraid of the repercussions to produce what you have. Otherwise your gonna be screwed in getting a job anywhere once people know who you are and that your a trouble maker. We will be sure not to hire graduates from Ryerson. Good Luck
Another comment by an anonymous writer was posted several days later,
You have got guts to create something like this and not be concerned about finding a job after.
The film, Powerful As God, won the MADA award (Children’s Issues) at Commffest Film Festival in Toronto, 2012. The documentary screened at three festivals and is now released online (, it was nationally broadcast on television during 2013, and received television, radio and newspaper media coverage.


This was a research documentary on the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario. All of the research was conducted through on-camera interviews and compiled into a collection of vignettes and one feature-length film. The documentary included a comprehensive website with four core areas: Add Your Voice - a place where visitors & viewers could add their stories; Voices Archive - where stories from viewers were published; View the Documentary - watch the doc online; the 'About' section - similar to a blog area for research documents, including a deeper exploration of the issues. Thirty witnesses were interviewed with an open consent form. Twenty-six were included in the documentary. Twenty-two stories were published on the web and nine vignettes produced.

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